Sketch Proposal Service

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Sketch Proposal Service

Our Sketch Proposal Service will help you determine the most appropriate considerations for building, including the location, site details, dimensions, and more.

We will visit the site in-person if required to plan out a more effective sketch proposal.

Purchase/Investigation of Added Site Information

Our team will undergo the investigation of added site information and constraints such as government survey plans, water, sewer, and stormwater depth plans, helping you to craft an accurate proposal for your needs.

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Investigation of Legislative Requirements

Perhaps the most important part of any sketch proposal. We’ll perform an investigation of legislative requirements, covenants, and planning schemes that tell us what is appropriate and/or legal for your building requirements.

Your sketch proposal is 100% dedicated to you and your outlined needs – we’ll do our best to accommodate every requirement, with each proposal tailored specifically to this situation. Our experienced team will help you plan this out much more accurately than ever before.